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Our philosophy is that attention to detail and looking at each of our denture patients as individuals and with different needs are of utmost importance into fabricating comfortable and beautiful looking prostheses. . Avoiding a “ blue print” approach is essential into not only meeting, but most of the time exceeding their expectations.

According to the individual needs we provide many types of dentures:

CUSTOMIZED TRADITIONAL DENTURES: Dr. Rossopoulos personally sets up the premium teeth and he closely monitors the whole process to ensure comfort while eating accompanied by a beautiful smile. >>read more

STATE-OF-THE-ART DIGITAL DENTURES: Our office is one of the first in the area to provide this service to our patients. Through cutting edge technology these dentures are often fabricated in just 2 visits. The prostheses are digitally designed and then milled from a superior material. 

For A Smile That’s Virtually You! Advanced Digital Technology Is Changing Dentures Forever!

We are one of a select number of dental practices to offer our patients with computer-designed and precision-milled custom dentures Due to an exclusive breakthrough process, they are more bacteria resistant than traditional fabricated dentures which helps eliminating sore spots and “denture breath”. And because they are digital, each one has a permanent digital record so if they are ever lost or broken they can be replaced quickly and easily without the patient even coming into the practice. 

Compare AvaDent to old denture technology AvaDent old denture
An AvaDent in 2 appointments
Computer designed and milled for a Precision 
Computer enhanced aesthetics for a natural look and feel 
Bacteria resistant to help eliminate sore spots and “denture breath” 
Permanent digital record for duplication in case of loss or damage

IMPLANT OVERDENTURES: Many times when necessary dental implants can be used to secure the dentures in place and really improve one’s quality of life.

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